The Satanic Scriptures by Peter H. Gilmore – Pre-Order

Scapegoat Publishing is proud to announce the long-awaited release of High Priest Peter H. Gilmore’s collected essays “The Satanic Scriptures”. In the works for years, it will finally be made available. This announcement is an invitation to pre-order the Hardback Edition or the limited signed Slipcase Edition of “The Satanic Scriptures”.
The Hardback Edition will be restricted in its release to independent booksellers and select outlets.
The Slipcase Edition will only be available direct from Scapegoat Publishing and is limited to 250 copies, signed and numbered by Magus Gilmore.

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3 Responses to The Satanic Scriptures by Peter H. Gilmore – Pre-Order

  1. Magnus Wahlkvist says:

    Dear Sirs
    I wish to pre-order a slipcase edition of Magus GilmoreĀ“s The Satanic Scriptures.
    Please let me know how much the P&P is as I live in Sweden.
    Best Wishes Magnus

  2. Anton LaVey left the Church of Satan in the hands of these fine people for a reason, people he had trusted for many, many years as productive and worthy friends and co-conspirators. He included Magus Gilmore within his inner circle of the Council of Nine. Many of these writings Anton LaVey read and approved of and as such this book is further proof that the Church of Satan has never stinted in its philosophy in any way, nor the way the Church of Satan functions as a Cabal of the Elite and able.

    Magister Lang
    Church of Satan

  3. Lector7980 says:

    I am very pleased to be one of the very few to have purchased the limited edition of The Satanic Scriptures(slip case). I feel very fortunate to have had that day off from my busy schedule to have purchased it in time.


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