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Androphilia – A Review
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Androphilia by Jack Malebrache

I took my time wallowing with giddy enthusiasm in the heady passages that have enflamed many reviewers and people who patently missed the point of the book known as Androphilia: A Manifesto. Anything that makes people that upset has to be doing something right as this is usually a signal that it’s making people think uncomfortable things about themselves and the world around them that they’ve lazily accepted.

More importantly, Jack Malebrache’s book is unapologetically about reclaiming sexuality and defining male-to-male sexual relations and ideal relationships that are bound in that and what it all means – selfishly and more importantly without the prejudices and castrating influences of Feminism and The Gay Movement.

It’s a liberating read, empowering each person who reads it (should they not slip into comfortable paths of victimhood) to accept, define, and move past convention. While I can see how people could easily jump to conclusions and call this book a manifesto born out of self-loathing, but then they’d be doing a disservice to the words, message and ultimately themselves.

This would be old thinking – or simply victim mentality. Androphilia has a fresh, often objective, view that asks us to reexamine masculinity, and forces us to challenge ourselves and our place in the world. In reading Androphilia, we are asked to challenge the concept that sexuality isn’t a biologically determined construct, but a chosen one, sighting that we didn’t choose to be straight but chose to find happiness in the company of men. Secondly, we are to face the gay community and give it a big middle finger for dictating how we should behave, what we should believe, and how to assume a “gay identity”. Powerful, powerful stuff which is something I totally understand and respect why these are important steps in taking off the yoke of the Gay Party and cease being victims and nicely dovetails with all the bullshit I personally had umbrage with when the gay bar rags and other gay publications wrote about “gay skinheads” citing me and my friends as something that “doesn’t exist” because we didn’t fit neatly into a cute, inoffensive pink box.

Androphilia confirms and embraces everything that men who are sick of the gay community are out there looking for and everyone should read it, regardless of where our affections lie.

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