Midwest Book Review – Androphilia is “Highly Recommended”

ANDROPHILIA: A MANIFESTO by Jack MalebrancheMidwest Book Review weighs in on Androphilia by Jack Malebranche.

Jack Malebranche
Scapegoat Publishing
15608 S. New Century Drive, Gardena, CA 90248
9780976403586, $12.95 www.SCBDistributors.com

Jack Malebranche, the author of Androphilia: A Manifesto Rejecting the Gay Identity Reclaiming Masculinity, is a bisexual man who prefers the company of and sexual relations with men – to the extent that he shares a long-term sexual and personal bond with another man. Yet he emphatically rejects the label “gay” because in today’s culture the concept of “gay” has become intermingled with the concepts of feminization, abandoning masculinity, underachievement, and irresponsibility to the lengths of false victimhood. Androphilia: A Manifesto rejects the baggage-laden gay identity, and calls for humankind to recognize homosexual desire as apolitical. “The Gay Party tells us that we homosexuals must band together to fight against high-school bullies, and to encourage kids to ‘come out’ and ghettoize themselves into little gay support groups where they can become conversant in Party dogma and avoid ever having to learn to deal effectively with their straight peers… The Gay Party insists we learn that we are victims of heterosexual oppression, and imagine that everyone is out to get us.” Malebranche prefers to substitute the word “androphile” for “gay” to describe himself, as he is an unrepentant advocate of the positive aspects of masculinity and male culture. Androphilia: A Manifesto does not attack or criticize those men (homosexual or heterosexual) who want to emulate effeminate qualities. The crux of matter is not that men should be forced to be manly, but rather that the majority of them simply are manly, and should not be pressured by the gay culture to despise or reject their masculinity. Nor should a man’s sexuality automatically define his hobbies, his politics, his interests, or who can or cannot be his friends. Though readers, regardless of gender or sexual orientation, may not agree with all Androphilia has to say, Androphilia is invaluable for its core messages of being self-reliant and true to oneself, and for its frank discussion of whether “gay marriage” (as opposed to less radical measures like domestic partnerships, which are more likely to be successfully accepted nationwide) is needed at all to govern same-sex relationships incapable of producing children who are the biological offspring of both parents. Highly recommended.

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2 Responses to Midwest Book Review – Androphilia is “Highly Recommended”

  1. matt minrath says:

    I read and loved the book. However I missed the part where Jack declared himself bisexual. Why does the term bisexual always get thrown in when some is trying to prove they are a real man.If Jack is bisexual good for him, the writer however seems to mentioning that as to give street cred. to Jack. Liking and fucking pussy is not some badge of honor that androphiles need to assert masculinity. We stand on the love and lust of men, I said MEN !-MM

  2. Jeremy says:

    Oh come on. You’d have to be pretty desperate to make it with a bicycle.

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