Carnivora artist Robert Williams, Alien screenwriter Dan O’Bannon and Les
Photo: Jason Brock

Les and Carnivora artist Coop
Photo: Eli Livingston
L.A. photographer, James Stiles, the legendary Eric Kroll and Ruth (Coop the Mrs.)
Photo: Eli Livingston

Valery Garankov, Scapegoat publisher Chris Xavier, Alexander Yegorov and Carnivora artist Eduard Anikonov.
A big thanks to the Russian Trio for making the trip, just to be at the Carnivora opening in LA.
With big apologies, the link to Eduard’s webpage in the Carnivora book is to a pirated site. This is the correct address
to view this amazing artist’s work:

Photo: Daphne Graham

Dennis Larkins and Les.
Dennis came all the way from Santa Fe, New Mexico, to be there.
Photo: Eli Livingston

Carnivora fan (to be identified) and Les Barany.
(Kinda hard to get all the details together, working long distance from
New Brunswick, Canada.Sorry I couldn’t be there, Les. - Patrick B.)
Photo: Eli Livingston

Carnivora artists Brian Horton and Greg Brotherton
Photo: Les Barany

Carnivora Artists & Authors At Los Angeles Opening

Brian Horton, Dan Quintana, J.L. Robbins, Winston Smith, Tom Thewes, David Trulli, Brian Viveros, Robert, Williams, Eduard Anikonov, Anthony Ausgang, William F. Nolan, Greg Brotherton, Colin Burns, Coop, Christian Correra, Joseph Mauceri, Topher Crowder, Deana Lehman, George Petros, Steve Blush, Dennis Larkins, Eli Livingston, Daphne Graham, plus Dean Fleming, Dan Statler, and Christopher Ulrich.
I am sure we have missed some names.
We will update the list as more information becomes available. - Patrick

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