Motel Bizarre: R.I.P. Carl “Earl” Minnerly

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I am sad to say that on April 5 Carl Minerly known to Motel Bizarre fans as “Earl”-

Motel Bizarre by Stephanie Crabe


Carl will be missed by all of us who worked on the Motel Bizarre project and he will be remembered as one of our best, and certantly the most enthusiastic, models.

Thanks Carl for being one of our biggest fans! You will be greatly missed arround our home and in our studio!!!

You can see a photo of Carl in his famous werewolf mask at or check out his website… Carl’s website!

Last but not least I would like to share an original poem of Carl’s with all of you….. This poem is called…

• • THE BURGER • •

The Bread is the Very First Thing.
The Very First Thing that Must at All Cost get Your Attention.
And get it On the Very First Glance Too.
The First Glance , or Nothing.
A Second or even a Third Simply will Not Do.
No , Not Do at ALL.
This the Outer most Shell , These FLUFFY BUNS if You Will .
Well they Must be Done , and Be Done to a Turn.
They must be Fluffy , and Soft , yet , While at the same time Being Hard and Firm.
But Not So Firm that can’t see them Unduatein the Lustful Caressing massage of Your Hand.
As you Watch yourFingers Spreading Out and Reaching to Encircle and Touch Them completely.
Squeezing Them to the very Core of Their Being.
And Once the – BUNS – have Caught Your
Eye , and Made you Salivate.
Who really Cares About the Rest………

Bye Carl!
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